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Updated: 02/17/2010

~ Males page updated
~ Gizmo's page added ~ NEW Male

Which plants are poisonous to my dog?
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Austin & Anya are now DNA-vip Profiled with the UKC



Preview '10
Ruckus coming out strong!

Quit talking about it and show me
Hope you didn't think we were done...


Austin splits her time between the San Diego & Mexicali ranches.
Picture coming soon!

Sarge is a brindle male with an exceptional head and great conformation.
We are excited to have Sarge visiting at Ruckus Kennels.
Picture coming soon!





Recent Health Testing results.....

Austin is DNA-vip profiled
Anya is DNA-vip profiled
Zero is DNA profiled
Tremendo is DNA profiled
Jackson is DNA profiled


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Ruckus Kennels has used Gaff, Sierra, Knowlwood, Kimmar, and Red Sky's bloodlines
to create our own distinctive look.

Our stock is the most health-tested of all bully bloodlines
and our entire program is DNA'd to ensure the quality of our pedigrees.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

All dogs sold from the Ruckus Kennels yard will come MicroChipped
~ protect your pet ~



Upcoming Shows

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Ever wonder what all the health testing is for or what the titles by a dog's name mean?
Ruckus Kennels has an 
information page to explain....
If you would like to see something added please email us!


(Our daughter, India, playing with Nikki, Cali playing with her cat roommate, and India playing with Isis)

on the left (Julian and Thor) ... on the right (India and Pacheena)

At Ruckus Kennels temperament comes first.

All of the dogs at Ruckus Kennels are raised in a family environment,
and are socialized with our children.

Ruckus Kennels is a small licensed kennel located in Southern California.
This site displays many of our dogs, but we prefer to keep a limited number of dogs
 in our yard so that we can give them lots of attention.

All dogs are UKC or UKC/AKC registered. 


All of our dogs are DNA profiled with the UKC and/or AKC.

DNA certification is a powerful tool in ensuring reliable registration records.
We would like to offer our puppy buyers an
"additional level of security"
by guaranteeing their pedigrees through either the AKC and/or the UKC.

Click here to find out more about the UKC's DNA Program.
To request a UKC DNA Test Kit ~ 1-888-KITS-DNA
($49 includes a kit and a profile)

DNA tests can be easily done in the comfort of your own home...

Click here to find out more about the AKC's DNA Certification Program.
Order kits online or call the AKC directly (919) 233-9767
Prepaid DNA Test Kits are $35 each - $5 off the regular price!
Each kit includes a uniquely numbered Sample Submission Form that MUST be returned with the dog's DNA sample.

Temperament Testing
"A Sound Mind in A Sound Body"


Ruckus Kennels recommends the
HomeAgain Microchip

The HomeAgain microchip has a patented Bio-Bond (tm) anti-migration cap,
which decreases the chance for movement of the microchip within the body of an animal.
HomeAgain is the only microchip that has the
Bio-Bond (tm) anti-migration cap for companion animals in the U.S. market

OTHER BRANDS may migrate in the dog's body making the chip INEFFECTIVE

Ruckus Kennels Proudly Feeds:


 Click HERE to read about dog foods

Picky Eater? Skin & Coat Problems?
The Satin Balls recipe has been known
 to put weight on dogs, help skin & coat problems
& help with your picky eaters.

~ Recipe for Satin Balls ~

Proud Members of:

The American Dog Owner's Association

National American Pit Bull Terrier Association

American Pit Bull Terrier Club of Southern California
~ I also Serve as a Board Member for the club ~

 Mid Valley Kennel Club

Please e-mail or call for more information.
Enjoy the site and remember suggestions and comments are always welcomed.


Breast Cancer
Save lives by increasing awareness...

On average a stroke occurs every 45 seconds...about every 3 minutes someone dies of stroke.

I had a stroke at 23 years old...I was young, healthy and in shape.  Know your body and talk to your doctor.

Heart disease is the
#1 killer of women in America


Tilo and Maria


P.O. Box 1170
Jamul, Ca  91935

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