How To Train Your Puppy At Home

January 22, 2017 robin

how to train your puppy at home

Puppies are cute, adorable and can make your house more lively. It’s at this age where this new member of your family needs proper puppy training to become a good puppy or your little four legged friend will bring havoc and destruction to your house.

Properly house training a puppy is like potty training a baby, what you need is a lot of patience. Training a puppy is not always a frustrating task, but honestly it can also become fun.

You have to remember that if your puppy is not trained to become a good puppy from the start, in the future when the puppy fully grown it can endanger you and your neighborhood.

Just like humans, puppies need to use the bathroom on regular basis approximately from eight to ten times a day and this slowly will lessen to about three to four times a day when the puppy reach seven months old. Although basically dogs are clean creature, he still needs to be taught the right way to do things.

If you are planning to give training, such as training a puppy to stay in crate, you have to make sure the crate is large enough for the puppy to stretch, stand up and maneuvers around. And make the crate comfortable for the puppy by putting in a nice bedding for the puppy.

On training a young dog, timing is very crucial so you need to make a schedule so the timing is always right and always stick to the schedule.

Here are a training schedule example: In the morning at 9:00 to 9:30 you lead him from the crate outside and always place the puppy in the same spot, do this constantly and in times he will make his/her own way there. Feed him after 30 minutes of the morning release. And then let him to play in the garden.

In this training, you have to repeat leading the puppy to the crate repeatedly based on the schedule that you’ve created. If you consistent following the schedule, he will become a well-behaved good puppy.

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A puppy training schedule is essential in training your pet. This is something that will really help him or her. As important as it is are you have trouble setting up a schedule? Maybe, because of your job that you are working such long hours you are having a tough time to do this. It is very important that you make the time to set up a training schedule, because the benefits that you and your puppy will get is priceless. Below, are some of the benefits so continue reading.

* One of the benefits of a puppy training schedule is your consistency with this will train your buddy to behave the way you want them to. If you are having behavioral issues with your dog then they have to be trained. The only way he or she will be trained properly is by maintaining a schedule and you sticking with it. This will show him or her how serious you are about changing their behavioral issues and they will be more open to changing, but if you don’t stick with a schedule they will think you are not that serious about it so they will think it is not that important.

* Another benefit of a puppy training schedule is you will create so much love between you and them. Your puppy will see all this added love you are giving them, and you and your puppy will have such a great relationship now and in the future.

* Last, but definitely not least is, a puppy training schedule can avoid any serious things happening to your dog. For example, if you have stayed with your schedule and haven’t missed not one day he or she will be so well trained. God forbid, something happens like your dog came out of their collar in the middle of the street and you command them to come to you they will. Why will they come so quickly? You made a schedule and stayed with that schedule no matter what, and now your dog is well trained. Since, they are so well trained you will have much more control over them in case an emergency situation arises.

As you can see how important it is that you have a puppy training schedule and stick with it. Dogs are very smart, and they can tell if you are serious about their training. If they see that you miss a training session for whatever reason then they will think that you are not serious at all, but if you stick with their schedule they will see how important this is. As you continue to stick with your training schedule you will have your puppy so well trained that you will be the envy of everybody. Also, if your dog could talk he or she would thank you for it. So my friends, maintain a schedule when you are training your dog because it could save his or her life and it will definitely be worth it.

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