How To Train Your Dog Tricks Quickly and Easily

January 22, 2017 robin

how to train your dog tricks


One very important aspect of owning and having pet dogs is learning how to train your dogs – from toilet training to some basic obedience training. Of course, it is a great thing for pet owners to have a well-behaved dog that does not cause havoc in your home and in your neighborhood as well.

If you decide to bring home a pet dog, one of the important things you have to keep in mind is to potty train your dog even before he starts to make a mess in your living room. Of course, dogs can become great family members, and they are not just good buddies. They will also become loyal to you and to your family where they will eventually belong. All you have to do is train your dogs to make them live harmoniously with the family and the community as well.

To start with your training, here are some basic things that you may want to keep in mind on how to train your dogs.


– Routine is one of the best ways on how to train your dogs.

Dogs can be easily trained by establishing a routine that they can follow, thus make sure you commit to making a schedule for them. Stick to the same time of day that you lead your dog outside to potty, if you are potty training him – after waking up, after meals, after a nap and before bedtime, make sure that you have established a routine for him to make him learn easily. It is important that you have to commit to these routines if you want to succeed in training your dogs. A few repetitions and your pet will eventually learn some basic tasks.


– Be consistent.

Whether you are potty training or doing some obedience training for your dog, or you want to teach him tricks, it is important to be consistent with your commands. It is also important to brief other family members to use the same commands to your dog whenever they want him to do something. Being consistent will help a lot in making the training easy for your dog to follow.


– Use positive reinforcement in training.

One of the best ways to train dogs is to use positive reinforcement or giving rewards for every command or skill that they accomplish. This way, your dog associates doing that specific task to something that is favorable or pleasant. Although it is inevitable that your dog may commit some mistakes during training, it is not good to punish him or hurt him as this can make him more aggressive, and of course, hurting him does not make everything easy and simple. A firm ‘No’ can be a way to make him realize a misbehavior though.

Don’t train your dog to exhaustion.

The attention span of animals varies a lot from humans as they may have shorter attention spans especially the young ones or the puppies. With this, it is important to keep a schedule in mind and don’t train them until they are exhausted to let them absorb all your teachings. Stick to one command or skill at a time and don’t forget to repeat it the next time around.

Methods of training consist of crate training, clicker training, dog whistle training, and command training. First crate training is where you have the puppy in the crate overnight, when you are away from home, and at certain times when you are home. The idea behind crate training is that they will learn the behaviors that are bad. Reasons you may put your puppy in the crate include barking, being to hyper, having accidents, or getting into things they should not. You also want to train the dog that they can’t sleep on the bed with you and that bed time is going to be in their crate or bed you have bought for them. You may wish to use such things as noises from a clicker or a dog whistle to get them to come to you or do certain things when they hear the sound. Command training is one of the best training methods you can do. You want the dog to recognize commands so that they listen to your voice and do the behavior.

When you are training your dog you need to have a rewards system. If they succeed at the command or whatever you are trying to train them then they should get some type of reward whether it is a treat or just affection. You have to give the dog some sort of reassurance that they are doing something right. You also want to make them understand that bad behavior will not be rewarded. Think of training a dog a little like training younger children that may not understand everything yet. You need to give positive reinforcement, but also realize that you need to do something about the bad behavior. Just ignoring bad behavior with a dog is not going to do the trick. You have to keep repeating the behavior you do want while telling them “no” for behaviors you don’t want.

Dog training is going to be different depending on the dog. Some dogs have extremely high intelligence and patience to learn knew things and want to sit through training. Other breeds of dogs require a lot of stimulation during the activity while you are training them or they lose interest. In any event, you are going to need a variety of dog training pet supplies to help you train your dog safely and quickly.

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