Dog Training Books 2017: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Happy and Obedient Dog

January 22, 2017 robin

dog training books 2017

Dog Training: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Happy and Obedient Dog

If you have a dog and need to find the best resources to help learn more about training and working with the dog, you can find the dog training books that you need to help you learn everything that you need to know to make your training work and be easier. If you have looked at some of the training books that are available, but did not find any that really show you how to train well, you can find the books that you need online.

There are useful dog training books that can teach you a number of different ways to work with your new dog for training.

Here we cover the best dog training books available for purchase:

1. How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppy-hood and Beyond

Not only does he have his own TV series, Cesar Millan is a well known dog expert who can easily interpret dog behavior and what you need to do as an owner to get the most out of your relationship. A very key point that he makes is how you need to start with a good foundation when your dog is young. It helps if you have a good training environment and frame of mind when you start your training. This guide not only trains your puppy, but also you, to prepare you to raise the best dog possible. One of the main points Cesar has is that a well behaved dog is one that receives early training in order to prevent behavior issues in the first place.

This book will show you very important factors, from what you will need to prepare for during each developmental stage of puppy-hood, to how to properly houset rain him, good nutrition and proper feeding, when to vaccinate, how to be assertive, how to use and set rules and boundaries, how to correct issues before they become a problem and breed specific exercise techniques.

2. Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

This is the next in the series of best dog training books, also from Cesar Millan. It covers ways that a dog owner can easily understand the needs of their dog and how they can build a better and closer relationship with their dog. He gets into great detail about the psyche of dogs and how they have simple or basic needs, which include exercise, discipline and affection. He also points out that there is no such thing as “problem dogs”, but instead, “problem owners” who do not have a good understanding of their dog’s needs or behaviors.

With this guide, you will be able to change unwanted behavior, as well as to train yourself to understand how to co exist with your dog, understand him and have a closer relationship.

3. Beyond Basic Dog Training

Once you have taught your dog the basics, you can grab this book to help you better understand canine learning patterns as well as how to stop “correcting”. The alternative taught by this book is to teach your dog to stop being afraid to fail and to keep attempting to please you for rewards. You learn how to train your dog to “think” and to please you by using basic approaches that your dog will be able to understand.

The main theme of this book is to learn to work as a “team” together with your dog. This is one of the best dog training books that provides complete strategies as well as techniques that every dog owner should implement.

4. Good Dog 101: Easy Lessons to Train your Dog the Happy, Healthy Way

A lot of dog training methods teach you to punish or dominate your dog with physical force. This book is not like that, it teaches you a new approach to training your dog which is called the “learning theory”, and is used by the SPCA. The guidelines in this book will help you to change your dog’s behavior and make him an enjoyable member of your family.

There are not many people that have “natural” dog training skills and this book helps those short comings with complete step by step groundwork that shows you how to be highly successful in training your dog.

5. 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge and Bond with your Dog

Want to teach an old dog new tricks? This extensive trick book is one of the best dog training books in this category. It is simple to implement the methods shown in this book, because of the easy step by step instructions. You can start out with basic tricks and “build” on them as your dog learns each new trick. This book has many pictures and easy to follow simple instructions starting with basic tricks and working up to expert tricks.


When you are looking for the best dog books to try, you should look for ones that discuss the training for different breeds of dogs, ages of dogs and the skills that you are trying to teach them. It is best to start early with your puppy to make sure that they are going to learn what you need to teach them, but if you find the books to help you it can be a lot easier. And you will be able to learn the best ways to teach the training skills that you need for your dog without having to take them to a trainer and spend money on someone else training them.

Teaching a dog the basic skills that you need them to learn can take some time, and even if you do find a good book to use, you are still going to have to commit to spending time with your dog while you are training and follow the directions to help you learn the most effective ways to get your dog to learn what you are showing them. If you are looking for affordable dog training books that will still teach you what you need to know, you can find them online and find the ones that work the best for the dog that you have.

If you have been trying to teach your dog the skills that you want them to learn, but have not been able to find a good training practice, you can find dog training books that will help you learn effective ways to work with your dog, and the right ways to treat the dog that will make it better for you to train and will not take as much time. You can go online and search for the type of training book that you need and also search by the type of dog that you have. You can find the right books that will help you better train your new dog.

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